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PVDC coated PVC films

Our PVdC coated PVC film has excellent barrier properties against: moisture, water vapour, UV light, aroma, inorganic acids, alkalies, aqueous salt solutions, organic water soluble acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons , esters of long chain fatty acids, detergent base materials, emulsifying agents and wetting agents.

The product categries preferred to be packed in PVDC coated PVC film are: Antibiotics, Anti Tuberculosis drugs, Vitamins, Calciums and Zinc compounds, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-depressents, Drugs acting on alimentary system, Ayurvedic rejuvenators, Cardiovascular drugs, Enzymes, Antiprotozal, Antihistamines and Sedatives and Hypnotics.

The silent features of our PVDC coated PVC film are :
  • Meets all regulatory requirements.
  • Produced in fully air conditioned, dust proof plant.
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties as    compared to normal PVC film.
  • Good thermoformability. · PVDC is very cost-effective, as    coating weight can be customized depending on the    requirements of the barrier properties.
  • Medical grade and non-toxic.
  • High levels of transparency which improves the aesthetics    of the product.
  • Standard Structures:

    250 micron PVC / 40 micron PVDC

    250/60 250 micron PVC / 60 micron PVDC
    250/80 250 micron PVC / 80 micron PVDC
    Other structures PVC/ PVdC
    can be offered on request :
  • PVC thickness ranging from 200,250,300 &350 microns
  • PVDC coating ranging from 20 to 90 GSM
  • PVC is available in various colours and in transparent /
       opaque nature
  • Technical Specifications:

    200 micron - 350 micron

    Options Glass Clear or Coloured, Transparent or Opaque
    Coating 20-90 gsm.
    Forming Tempratures 130-150oC 20-90 gsm.
    Width 50-1200 mm (+/-1 mm)
    Core ID / Reel OD Core ID : 76 mm, Reel OD : 300-400 mm.
    50-1200 mm (+/-1 mm)
    Core ID / Reel OD Standard Export Packing on Pallets
      PVDC Coated PVC Films

    PVDC coated PVC films for blister blister packing are offered in 200/250/300 micron thick PVC films with 40/60/90 gsm PVDC coating on one side of PVC film.
    These films are glass clear/ colored/ opaque/ transparent.
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