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Aluminium Blister Foil :

Aluminium blister foil is good barrier to moisture, vapour and gases and is suitable for high speed packing applications on rotary and flat bed blister packing machines.

The blister packs are in compact in size and economical, as compared to strip packs. Tablets can be removed easily from blister packs, as the hard foil breaks quickly when tablet /capsule is pressed from PVC side. Barrier properties of blister packs are comparitvely lower than strip pack due to usage of PVC film on one side.

We offer both unprinted and printed blister foil as per customers requirements with different foil thickness and heat seal lacquer grammage.

We also offer both side printed blister (also printed on HSL side of the foil), blister foil with Holograms for unique authentication of your product.

Standard Specifications of Aluminium Blister Lidding Foil (Foil/HSL):

Composition of Aluminium Foil:

Thickness of Aluminum Foil( in mm ,in micron ) : 0.020 , 20 0.025 , 25
Thickness Tolerance ( +/-8%): in mm +/- 0.0016 +/-0.002
Al. Foil weight (gsm) 54 (+/-8%) 67.5 (+/-8%)
Pinholes in Al. (no/sqm) max. 50 35

Composition of Heat Seal Lacquer (HSL):

HSL : Grams per Square mtr (gsm) 4-6 4-6

For all Aluminium Foil Thickness:


Aluminium Foil Alloy AA 1200 / AA 1235 / AA8011
Aluminium Foil Finish Matt /Bright
Temper (Soft / Hard) Hard ( Full Hard )
HSL Coating Surface Matt / Bright
Sealing Strength 450 grams / 15 mm.
Sealing Strength 600 grams / 15 mm.
Sealing Surface Foil to PVC, PVC/PVDC,alu-alu.


Reel Width( Unprinted , Printed) : 60 - 900 mm , 60-720 mm
Width Tolerance +/-0.5 mm
Core Material Aluminium / Plastic
Core Diameter 76 mm
Reel Diameter / Reel OD 230-300 mm (standard)
Reel OD Tolerance +/- 5 mm
Type of Joint Single Butt / Double Butt / Lap Joint
Type of Tape used for Joint Paper Tape/ Plastic Tape(Red, Brown or Black colour)

Properties of Printed Side :

Colour: 1-5
Ink Adhesion Test No ink lifting
Printing Surface Matt /Bright (non LDPE side)
Repeat Length Tolerance +/- 0.5 mm
Registration Tolerance +/- 0.5 mm
Printing As per design / artwork.
Print Primer 0.25 gsm max.
Other Abrasion, water and heat resistant

Recommended Operating Conditions:

Temperature ( deg. C) 190 deg C
Dwell Time 0.5 seconds (min.)

Notes :

  1. Above mentioned specifications are standard specifications. We also offer tailor made specifications as per customers requirement i.e. different combinations of foil (thickness) and heat seal lacquer (gsm).
  2. In case of Printed Designs, customer to specify unwinding direction and supply artwork/design of printed designs with colour scheme.
  3. We also offer higher (6-8gsm) and lower (3-5gsm) grammage of Heat Seal Lacquer.
  4. The lacquer used is food/pharma grade & is safe for contact with tablets /capsules.
  5. Normal packing of the product is corrugated cartons / wooden case / Pallets etc. Customer to specify their packing requirements.